How To Value Your Cannabis Dispensary And Retail Marijuana License

As the Marijuana Industry continues to grow and expand, there are frequent acquisitions of licensed Marijuana growing companies or dispensaries. Moreover, there have been a lot of company mergers and multi-store operators merging with other licensed businesses to become formidable in the Marijuana business industry.

Certainly, many stores have created their footprint into the cannabis market, and even many more opportunities are expected to be created when the federal government legalizes the use of Marijuana.

All the mergers and acquisitions carried out across the US daily must have the right value attached to them. Of course, the owners of such stores, dispensaries, and cannabis farms need to observe the right cannabis dispensary values to avoid short-selling themselves. While this is key and important, all investment or buyouts in the cannabis industry must be done according to the present-day value.

Whether your business operates on a converted cannabis retail license or you have secured your license as the first-hand owner from the state, it. You must know the right worth and value of the permit. Having this information will help you know whether you are walking into a profitable deal or not.

In this write up we will be breaking down the required information you must have on how you can value your cannabis business as a whole.

Ways To Value Your Marijuana Business License

The license for the Marijuana business varies greatly from state A to B. Also, it is dependent on many factors, which include where the business is established, the aspect of the cannabis industry the business covers, the market where the business is located, and the regulatory structure that is in place in such a state.

Take into consideration that a license obtained in Oklahoma might not be worth more than the $2500 application fee since you have the unlimited ability to secure a different number of retail licenses.
On the contrary, the state of Ontario can only acquire a limited number of retail licenses as the investment is said to be worth about $5 million.

You should be considering different factors whenever you are hoping to value your Marijuana business licenses. The factors include:

● The jurisdiction your license covers and the structure it is allowed to operate on.
● The availability of licenses in the state.
● The estimated market size in the next 5 years.
● Pending petitions for approval of other legalization of cannabis usage.


When it comes to your cannabis license, the regulatory structure is a big factor you might need to consider in the profitability of your license. Take into consideration that in locations like New York and Florida, the value of a cannabis license is far more valuable than in other states. Besides, the market potential is one factor contributing to the sumptuous price of the licenses in such an area.

License Availability

Here is another determining factor that shows how much value is placed on licenses. If there are a limited number of licenses available to the people of any state, there will be a good price value attached to the existing licenses already obtained. States like Oklahoma have no limited number of licenses available, making it easier to obtain.

Meanwhile, in states like Florida, there are regulations and structures to limit the number of licenses issued out, which are extremely limited, making it costly to obtain a license in the state. The limited number of the licenses obtainable has made it even more difficult and stringent to have the acquired ones already sold.

Market size

This is a natural determining factor that also increases the value of any license issued. The number of customers available in Ontario is estimated to be 2 million, a wide market any business can explore. A huge customer base will increase the value of any licenses issued and make it a potential investment for anyone acquiring that.

Future Potential

Finally, the present market’s future potential is also a good consideration that shouldn’t be neglected. For instance, states with already submitted petitions on legalization of any new program involving the cannabis business will create an additional value for such licenses.

Certainly, federal legalization combined with state legalization will often play a huge part in the value and eventually create opportunities for international exports. Your license value is majorly dependent on the above factors, while your success in expanding the existing cannabis business will consequently be considered as well.

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