How to Keep Your Team Focussed

Among the top problems, most businesses face with their employees is the lack of focus. While most of the reasons for lacking focus at work can be personal, this lack of focus can also come from chief executives’ pressure to show quick results. Therefore, they regularly invest in several initiatives, assuming that they will grow their chances of success.

The truth is humans tend to be unfocused, with 50% of the population at any time. Moreover, focussed people are happier with their lives compared to the unfocused. This is an overall observation of anything they tend to do, whether at work or home.

Therefore, half of the employees at the workplace are unfocussed. This explains why most employers are looking for ways to improve productivity, as illustrated in So how should a leader maintain focus in their team?

Few Is Better

To be a focused organization, you need to select and prioritize projects. As the employers, you should invest in few projects at a time rather than taking too many. Many projects will tend to overwork the employees to beat deadlines which can throw them off-balance and focus.

A good leader will take the few projects and monitor through monthly till completion and excellent results received. Even though they are few projects to handle, the entire team must understand their successful completion roles. Strategic projects call for full management attention to avoid any failures.

Organized Staff

In a focused business, you will get organized staffs that know and understand their specific roles. They see the value of time and avoid time-wasting in anything that is not part of their primary skillset. Therefore, they focus on their fundamental strengths and capabilities instead of always trying to improve their weaknesses. They also use effective apps like that will lessen their burden but maintain the flow of work.

Leaders split their time between managerial roles, project sponsors, directing committees, and handling everyday operational activities such as sales meetings. An organized staff has clear and set business priorities that enable them to distribute their time more effectively.

Competitive Mind-set

A focused company competes externally with the world rather than internally. Internal competition tends to be unhealthy in the long-term; hence it is best to eliminate and place effort on other things that matter. It will help if the organization’s executive identifies and refers to the rival organizations often in their speeches for the team to understand their competition.

Moreover, the focused business clearly states the way to beat the competition. Only one way succeeds: producing better products and offering better services. A high grade of invention is a vital and expected aspect of a focused organization.


Having a sense of urgency is a competitive advantage. Speed is necessary to make people-focused and encourage them to give their very best performances.

When employees understand that the projects are from the top management, it builds urgency for them to finish on time and give the best. As a leader, ensure your team has fixed goals, clear deadlines, and knowledge of the importance. This helps the entire team, management, and employees with urgency and focus.

Lastly, with a focused business, the direction of the organization becomes more precise. Each day is a step closer to the goals.

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